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How do Progressive Jackpots Work?

One of the most popular forms of slots, both online and in brick and mortar casinos are the progressive slot machines. The reason for this is because of the high progressive jackpots players have the potential to win. The purpose of this article is to give you a basic understanding of how progressive slot machines are played and how the amounts of the progressive jackpots are determined.

Simply put, a progressive slot machine is like any other online casino you put your money in and spin the wheel and hope to hit a winning combination. The difference between progressive slot machines and regular slot machines is that typically a progressive slot machine will be hooked to other slot machines in which a small percentage of the money played on them is then collected and placed into a fund, in this case the progressive jackpot. This means that every time one of the machines that are linked together is played, the jackpot grows. Depending on how many machines are connected, these jackpots can become quite large. This is one of the main reasons that these progressive jackpots are one of the most valued types of prizes in the gaming industry. A hhuge range of various progressive slots can be found at Jackpot City.

Using your whole bankroll in an attempt to win a progressive jackpot is not necessarily a good idea. However, the potential for winning such a large prize is worth risking a portion of your bankroll in an attempt to win it. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when playing progressive jackpot machines.

There are three types of progressive jackpot slot machines. The first type is the stand alone progressive jackpot. This type of machine will not be connected to any other machines and offers its own unique progressive jackpot. When in a casino these will be seen grouped together, but all the jackpots will be varying amounts.

The second type of progressive jackpot slot machine is the in house machine, also called proprietary progressives. These machines are part of a group of machines within the casino you are in. The jackpot for this group of machines will rise based on the amounts put into to each of these particular machines. These jackpots can become quite large, but not typically as large as the third type of progressive slot machine jackpots.

The third type of progressive slot machine is the wide area progressive slot machine. This means that not only is the progressive jackpot linked to machines within the casino that you are playing in, but they are also linked to other machines that are located in other casinos as well. These machines are the ones that typically have the largest jackpots as money is being sent in from many different machines to create a large sum.

Another thing to remember is that when you are playing progressive jackpot slot machines, you typically will have to wager the maximum bet. Perhaps the most important thing to know is that while progressive slot machines are tempting, they are games of chance and there is no guarantee you will win playing slots in any online casino.