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Video poker is absolutely a game of skill. It attracts online gamblers who have careful strategies and a lot of know-how, who work to win the game. Video poker has a fairly low house edge, which means there is a great possibility for large winnings. It's important for these players to know how to play, and how to play well. This helps the video poker players keep an advantage.

Video poker entered the casino world in the 1970's with the introduction of machine casino games at casinos, and with the wide-spread availability of personal computers which allowed people to access casinos online. Compared to craps or roulette, video poker would be considered a very young casino game. Especially considering that, its popularity today is highly impressive.

The history of video poker is fairly short, as it is a rather new casino game. In 1979, a company named SIRCOMA introduced Draw Poker, helping video poker increase its share of casino games. By the 80's the game was becoming less intimidating, as more and more people were becoming less nervous about the devices. By the 90's it was already a highly popular game, because of the low denomination machines that were available at the casinos. Video poker has increased its grip on the market, and with a firm and steady hold it is now familiar and very popular among millions of players all over the world.

Video poker is very much a game of skill, making it somewhat complex. However, the rules of the game itself are actually rather simple. Like basically all online casino games or casino games it begins by placing a bet, usually of a minimum sum, and then the cards are dealt. The video poker player places 1 to 5 coins, and after ordering a deal, he gets 5 cards from the machine. Just like with poker, the player chooses which cards to hold on to, and which cards to discard. The discarded cards are then replaced by others from the same virtual deck. The new hand that forms then determines the payoff.

With video poker, the payouts are evaluated according to how rare the card combinations are. The minimum, usually, is a hand of a pair of jacks. Payouts also calculate a house edge which helps the operator of the casino, whether online or brick and mortar, keep some kind of revenue from the game. Another fun flare of video poker is progressive video poker games, which offers progressive jackpots for the royal flush, and also other rare hands. For an online casino with excellent progressive jackpots, head over to 888 Casino.

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